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To work at home in a focussed and productive manner relies not only on self-motivation and discipline, but in my experience on the creation of dedicated office space. It’s all too easy to have a chat with a family member, or for a domestic chore to distract us, when we’re working from home and a dedicated office space will remove this temptation. Office space also ensures that we have that “go-to-work” feeling in the morning and that at the end of the day, we can leave the office behind, and close the door so that business doesn’t encroach on our home life; something that becomes more important the longer you have a home based business.

Where should your home office be located?

So, think of the space in your home that you can use for work, it doesn’t have to be a large area, simply a corner of the room, a spare bedroom, under the stairs or increasingly popular is to base yourself in the garden shed or garage. A garden shed/garage is perfect; they create a dedicated work environment, move you away from the house and your home life, whilst still not having that difficult commute to the office in rush-hour traffic, but if you can’t do this the other options will still work too.

How much space will I need?

This depends on how you work, if you are organised, structured and tidy, as all home-based workers should be for business success, then you can work in a very small space within the home. Luckily in the times we live in now, we save information to clouds, desktops and laptop memories so we no longer have the need for all those cumbersome files and folders crammed full of papers needing lots of shelving units and space. Technology is definitely on the home-based business side!

What equipment will I need?

Space saving devices such as specially designed desks, shelving and storage can also help you create a great work space and I would recommend that you opt for specific office equipment. It’s important when you are spending hours at a desk that it is the right height and has the storage and leg room available, rather than you claiming the dining room table for your working time because it is the cheaper option.

Office chairs are also a must to prevent injury from repetitive work, they can be adjusted to suit height and have the support necessary to avoid the likes of back pain. Ensure that you know the health and safety regulations for an office environment even though you are working at home. It will be worth it in the long-term.

Don’t forget that reachable sockets are essential as you’ll need these to plug in desktops, laptops, printers, shredders and the like. Test your Wi-Fi too to ensure that your space can easily and effectively access your router.

How do I you create your physical brand?

You may think this sounds rather grand for a home based business, but creating an office environment that looks professional and is-line with your company image is just as important as if you were a larger, premises based business.

How your working environment looks is important for you as business owner. Décor is key to productivity. With a physical brand presence you will have a constant reminder of who your business is and the standards that you wish to work within. Place a quality print of your logo on your wall for inspiration, use a motivational poster to keep you on track (they are not a thing of the past), use greenery to boost your mood, a memo board for organised reminders/print outs/notes and don’t forget the effect that colour can have on your mood. Be organised and keep everything tidy.

Your office look is also important if you are going to use it for meetings with clients, suppliers and the like. It will convey to them how professional your home business is, how organised you are, what your ethos is and whether this aligns to their business/personality and whether they wish to do business or be associated with you.

And finally, how do you create the right working atmosphere for you?

Music, you either love it or you hate it whilst you work. You either need perfect quiet to complete your working agenda or a little music can boost the working day. If you’re a fan of music whilst you work, I would suggest that you create a playlist and this way you can play your music without having to stop to choose new tracks. Music can remove distracting sounds from general home-living and can increase motivation due to rhythm and pace.


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