How to Get More Twitter followers

OK we all would like to get more twitter followers, not just any follower but the kind of follower who is interested in your company. The type of follower who will visit your site and buy your products.


There are lots of different ways to get twitter followers I will share the main ones in this post, but a word of warning don’t be tempted to buy followers you will be wasting your money. I get really annoyed with people offering thousands of followers for $20 or so then when you check their twitter account they only have a few hundred followers, anyway point is don’t buy followers.

So question is How to Getting More Twitter followers?

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Content Is King

Without a shadow of a doubt the number one strategy is providing valuable content that your followers will find relevant and useful to them. I will share later in another post some great ideas for your social media content. But for now just remember if you want loads of followers providing them with lots of valuable content is vital.


Be Social This is “Social Media”

People like to engage with real people, They will be turned off if they think they are dealing with a Bot. Make use of “Lists” makes engaging with people a lot easier. Allocate several minutes a day to personally engage with your followers comment on their posts and retweet their posts. When you use the @(name) if you add a (.) before it  ,@(name) that tweet will go to all your followers


Follow Relevant People Every Day

Taking the time to follow relevant people every day will grow your account much faster. You can find relevant people to your industry by checking out lists of an industry influencer you want to get to know. Or maybe one of your competitors.

Visual Content

Most people know visual content is much more effective than plain text. We are hot wired to process visual information much faster than boring old text so use as much visual content as you can. This will help with visitors engaging with you tweets.

# Hashtag

Hashtags are an excellent way for the right people to find you and for you to find relevant people for your business. Hashtags are great to use and are very effective.  But don’t use too many as you will come across as spammy. I shall be covering hashtags and how to use them in a future blog but feel free to DM me for advice if you can’t wait

Tweet Often 

I use Buffer amongst other twitter tools to help schedule my tweets. It’s a great tool and it has a free version and a paid option. Buffer says Tweet 3 to 5 times a day. However, many experts will tweet much more than this in fact Jeff Bullas says he tweets 4 times an hour. That’s 96 tweets a day. Jeff Bullas really knows how to get engagement.

However more important than the amount of tweets is the right tweets for your followers

Always remember Quality over Quantity will pay better dividends in the long run

Here’s a great guide on how to Tweet on Twitter by HubSpot

I shall be going into more depth on how to get more Twitter Followers. With some cool tips and tricks in future posts.

In the mean time feel free to ask me any questions you can DM me here


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