Ideas For Sharing Social Media Content

Hi in this blog I will share some Ideas For Sharing Social Media Content

Ideas For Sharing Social Media Content

When it comes to ideas for sharing social media content many people get stuck for ideas on what to share. This list will give you some ideas to keep you inspired.

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Quotes Use humour, inspirational or motivational quotes often gets great results

Fill in the blank posts encourage your followers to engage and interact. For example “If I won the lottery I would________”

Polls work a very well, especially on Facebook They have a built-in poll but if you have time to run them manually they will boost engagement. (e.g “Which of these dogs are your favourite”)

Statistics & Data share up to date, relevant to your niche info, data & statistics. Your followers will appreciate theses kind of tweets and will be more likely to share and like them.

Post links to your old blog Its perfectly ok to re-post old blogs. This will help to increase engagement and traffic to your site.

Questions Ask questions that followers can easily answer

Branded Images Add your logo or website URL to funny or inspirational images & post them.

Infographics People love infographics. Look for ones that are relevant to your industry ones that your followers are going to appreciate. You can make your own, or get someone to from Fiverr to create one for you. Check out Daily Infographic for some inspiration.

Controversial Material Posts linking to material that will evoke a response will help followers to engage. I would only do this now and again you want your followers to have a positive experience

Asking for advice on products or services People love to give their opinion – a great way to encourage engagement.

Use Pinterest to find amazing images that your followers will find inspiring especially images with quotes. Make sure your give proper credit

Add Value Every now and then share tips and tricks your followers will benefit from. You can add a number for increase interest for example “Tip #7: ____________”

Show you are real Posting something personal like an event you’ve been to or what you did for weekend will help people to see you are a real person.

Reddit Check out  Trending Subreddit page to find trending topics and post these Check out Reddit here

Photo Contest Holding a contest can be very effective. You can ask people to submit their best photo and get fans to vote. Don’t forget to share the winning photo & even offer a prize

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These are just a few ideas for sharing Social Media Content. I will share some more ideas in a later post


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