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SEO Optimization Tip Optimizing Your Images First of all what is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization and as the name suggests is about making changes to your website so the search engines like Google can find your website.

I am sure you agree you can have the best website in the world but if its not getting ranked in the search engines you are wasting your time.

Anyone with a website will be aware how vital to SEO, your site is. To be using the right keywords for your niche can vastly increase your rankings in the  search engines.Just as a side note as well as the right keywords, also think about the right topic,more on that in another post.

So we agree having a basic understanding of SEO is vital to your success as an online marketer. However what tends to get overlooked is optimizing your images. If you are not already doing this you could be missing a trick as it can be as useful as the text in generating organic traffic. So Read on to find out how to make the most of your images

Optimizing your images is quite straight forward and is defiantly something you should be doing as a matter of course.Even before you upload your images get into the habit of saving them with a meaningful description for example a picture of a dog chewing a bone should be saved as “Dog Chewing a Bone.jpg” instead of IMG0021.jpg

Also pay attention to image size. you don’t want your images too big as they can take a long time downloading which may slow your website down and the search engine may just abandon your site 🙁

Lastly as you add images make sure you add alt text, Alternative text, This basically lets the search engines know what the picture is as they cant read pictures Again the alt text should be a brief description of what the photo is eg “Dog Chewing a Bone”

As you keep applying these tips your images will start to work for you to generate organic traffic. Online marketing is a vast topic and SEO is just one part of the formula for finding your target audience. The Six Figure Mentors provides all the tools training and coaching required for successfully marketing your product or service online.Find out more Here


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