Six Figure Mentors Review. Looking at what they do, the pros and cons and the earning potential

Here’s a Six Figure Mentors Review. Looking at what they do, the pros and cons and the earning potential.The Six figure Mentors is an internet marketing firm. It works to promote online businesses with a focus on helping them grow. The company claims that they don’t look at small, online businesses as average, but works to help them excel in the online community. The company is clear that they are not a “get rich quick” scheme nor can they promise that you will be making $20,000 a month. Instead they can provide you with valuable tools, training and coaching that can help you begin making money online.

What They Do
Six Figure Mentors was founded by a group of young internet entrepreneurs and is a private member community specializing in internet marketing. The ultimate goal is to help members become financially self-sufficient in the digital marketplace. There are four levels of mentorships available.  Each level is designed to move members into the next phase of making money online. Prospective members must be referred by an existing member and an application is required. Once the Six Figure Mentors review the application for a new member, they are granted membership into the community of digital entrepreneurs learning the skills necessary to succeed.

Earning Potential

The program is clear that they cannot guarantee a set monthly income within the next few months simply by using their information. They are very clear that it takes hard work and consistency to build an online business. Each standard member or affiliate earns 50 percent on all sales of the program, while Elite Members earn 100 percent. Therefore, the earning potential totally depends on how well someone can sell the program and the network they have available for those sales. However, the organization’s mission is not only to help members with making money online. They also provide those who purchase the product with the information they need to become a successful internet marketing entrepreneur.

Pros of Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors review sites say that the program is a great system with excellent training videos, templates and an excellent online community. The program is a network marketing system that does not require downlines or dependence on the system. Products are promoted just like any other product online. Every member is provided extensive training through webinars, tools and access to the developer, Stuart Ross. Many of the Six Figure Mentors review comments say that the program is unlike multi-level marketing schemes, it is not required that members bring in new members to begin working in the system. Many also like that each member is vetted by the company before they are accepted into the program. There is significant positive feedback from those on the six figure mentors review sites that say the training they receive from the company is top notch. The coaching element is what many of the members find to be extremely beneficial. Members say that they are able to use the information learned in the training program to sell many different products and services, not simply the Six Figure Mentors program.

Cons of Six Figure Mentors

However, there are some six figure mentors review sites that explain the negative aspects of the program. Like any internet marketing plan, people believe they can join the program and begin making money online immediately. The fact is, the program does require selling a product, and for those that are not talented at selling, the program may not be what they are looking for. Despite the fact that many of the members claim that the company is not a multi-level management business, and that no one is under any obligation to promote Six Figure Mentor. However, many of the reviews say that there are significant benefits to being an affiliate in the program. In addition, some reviews claim that the start-up fees to join the program are expensive, making it cost prohibitive for many who wish to join.

Overall, according to one Six Figure Mentors review site, the only negatives to the company are the fact that it is expensive and that it is not “easy” money.  Both factors that the company clearly states on their website. The training, webinars and forums offer significant advantages over similar products, and the company thoroughly reviews all membership applications before accepting them into their internet marketing program. For those who are interested in making money online, but have no training or knowledge about how to start an online business, Six Figures Mentors offers advice, training and information that members say has been invaluable to them, both in selling the program and in promoting other products or services they offer online. The program is an excellent tool for internet marketing and making money online.

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